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The Fountain of Youth

Written By Unknown on Thursday, September 5, 2013 | 12:08 PM

BY: Edward Beyer

Obtaining more mature is unavoidable but the circumstances and indicators connected with ageing usually are not. Instead of dealing with these problems as we age, modern improvements in science and medication let us proactively avoid them from taking place in the first spot and even reverse them.

For as long as I can don't forget, my hands and feet have always been freezing chilly to the contact. Expanding up, I don't forget how everybody would say to me, 'you're hands are freezing!' Of program, every doctor I went to often told me the identical issue, that it was the consequence reduced blood pressure…take iron...but it in no way assisted. One more thing is my cravings. I adore and crave salty foodstuff and wealthy right after i want sweets . I am also an insomniac....it requires me ages to drop asleep..i just received as well much strength at evening. Worst of all I lately have been working with a leg injuries s a consequence of a drunk guy knocking me above and breaking my foot, tearing my tenant and ripping three ligaments. This injury was severe and taking its time to heal. Physicians told me that my signs and symptoms had been a consequence of my demanding vacation program, stress and always being "on the go". That barely helped.

A number of weeks back while filming my Tv present in Miami, I manufactured a existence-altering discovery Dr. Scott Becker, a globe-renowned medical professional who methods innovative drugs at the American Longevity Heart in Miami. An Anti- Growing older and Proactive Medication Institute. The first factor they did is ship me for an extremely comprehensive blood test. Six vials of blood have been drawn and despatched off to the lab. OMG!!Soon after my lab final results have been back again I achieved with Dr. Scott Becker, a whole gem.. Immediately I knew I was being "cared" for by a doctor. He explained just why I felt the way I did and what the root cause was.

For the first time in all my a long time of complaining about my signs, Dr. Becker had an response for me. Inside of the initial few minutes of our meeting, he quickly explained that my signs could be the result of a reduced functioning thyroid. No other medical professional had ever even talked about the term 'thyroid' to me just before. I was intrigued. We also talked about a number of other signs I was getting such as my deficiency of vitality in the morning and sudden burst of power late in the working day, and he suggested me that these symptoms could be the outcome of adrenal exhaustion.

I had by no means heard of these treatable problems till I achieved Dr. Becker. And what's even much more amazing is that he was ready to arrive to these reasonable conclusions soon after investing just a few hours with me, listening to my signs and conducting a handful of simple assessments. At that instant, I felt assured that I was ultimately likely to get some reduction from these uncomfortable signs and symptoms. Following our conference, Dr. Becker recommended Bio Equivalent compounded thyroid dietary supplements for me. These are not mass produced prescription drugs. These nutritional supplements are produced in a compound pharmacy specifically for me and my requirements.

It really is been just a couple of weeks but already I am sensation and observing benefits! My lifestyle has transformed so significantly simply because of Dr. Becker. He also gave me a special blend of Natural vitamins and Minerals to re-balance my entire body. I am now an official capsule popper...lol, that is VITAMIN Drugs...I even branded my capsule box with FTV brand...why not haha! Fatigue, dry pores and skin, sugar cravings and chilly feet-- all improved. My pores and skin is glowing.

I nearly never made it to see Dr Becker. I experienced vacation commitments that I was not going to terminate to see one more doctor who was likely to explain to me to get some rest. My friend however was quite persistent. He instructed me to fall almost everything and see this doctor, and I are unable to thank him enough for urging me to do so. After assembly Dr. Becker, I will in no way make yet another decision about my well being again without consulting him initial. Many thanks to Skype we hook up no make a difference the place I am in the world.... got to love engineering.

Likely to see Dr Becker at American Longevity Heart was the very best factor I have at any time carried out for myself. The centre focuses on distinctive anti ageing therapies that centre about preserving your entire body at ideal well being and keeping it working as it was in our 20's. To learn far more about the clinic pay a visit to americanlongevitycenter.com


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