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Defend yourself: A mix of martial arts and practical self defence

Written By Adma on Monday, September 9, 2013 | 4:51 AM

In India, submit the now notorious, tragic, Delhi gang rape, the amount of women signing up for martial arts based self-defence lessons has elevated by leaps and bounds, resulting in a mixed reaction in context with the actual efficiency of some varieties of what is commonly recognized as "MMA" or Mixed Martial Arts. Comprehension the execs and negatives of some commonly taught varieties of MMA, and juxtaposing them with sensible understanding this kind of as learning how to continue to be serene for the duration of an attack, will let us to create an straightforward-to-master and straightforward to apply set of individual safety abilities which will provide to protect us in case we are attacked.

One particular of the most commonly-taught types of self-defence is Krav Maga, which constitutes a mix of blended martial arts strategies this kind of as boxing, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu and Wing Chun, is non-competitive in character and was developed in order to teach Israeli Navy Forces. Krav Maga is popularly taught, and is mentioned to be successful for girls as it is straightforward to learn and focuses on attacking vulnerable parts of the attacker's body this kind of as the throat, eyes, groin and joints.

Aikido is an additional technique which is well-liked because of to its philosophy of combining self-defence with out leading to damage to the attacker. The philosophy driving Aikido is that when someone attacks you, they instantly lower their own defences, and that you continue being defensively invulnerable if you do not counter-assault them. The technique entails studying how to tumble, understanding how to toss, and also entails mental and physical conditioning exercise routines. Its performance is substantial but it could just take time to master.

Jiu-jitsu is stated to be a single of the more female-pleasant varieties of self-defence as it enables reasonably scaled-down folks to disable larger and heavier attackers by disabling their centre of gravity. The approach also entails gouging, kicks, choke holds and joint locks, which, if practised frequently underneath a skilled teacher, would be very efficient in the course of a battle.

Wenlido provides a combination of practical moves such as making use of certain words and phrases [understanding to say "NO"] and a variety of other preventative actions which are aimed towards avoiding a bodily confrontation physical confrontation, as opposed to the other aforementioned methods, is a previous vacation resort. Wenlido focuses mainly on mentally coaching women on how to ward off an attack, and can be mastered in 2 days.

Apart from popular MMA dependent self-defence techniques, some courses offer you a mix of other, lesser-recognized but equally effective arts this sort of as the Philippines based mostly Escrima, which instruct people how to use every day posts and objects as "weapons", such as newspapers, umbrellas, even cellular telephones. Escrima is a technique made well-known by the Bourne sequence of films.

For individuals who are not interested in investing time and cash into establishing MMA-primarily based expertise, there are a host of other types of self-defence, which selection from wearing a whistle, to carrying cans of pepper spray, to loading purses and purses with sharp objects to poke an offender with, and in intense situations, carrying genuine weapons. On a functional be aware even so, it is safe to conclude that the most legal and lethal weapon each and every person can have is their personal physique toughness, which is why learning some fundamental self-defence techniques, no matter whether MMA-based mostly or not, is not only suggested, but a worthwhile life skill.

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