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Virginity: Why Some Teens Wait

Written By Adma on Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 7:41 PM

Some teens are waiting longer to have intercourse - they are thinking a lot more meticulously about what it implies to get rid of their virginity and begin a sexual connection.

For these teenagers, there are a lot of factors for abstinence (not getting sex). Some will not want to fear about unplanned being pregnant and all its consequences. Others see abstinence as a way to shield themselves totally from STDs. Some STDs (like AIDS) can actually make sexual intercourse a life-or-death predicament, and many teens get this very severely.

Some teenagers never have intercourse since their religion prohibits it or because they merely have a extremely strong belief program of their own. Other teens may possibly acknowledge that they usually are not ready emotionally and they want to wait around until they're definitely positive they can take care of it.

When it arrives to intercourse, there are two very important items to bear in mind:
  1. that you are ultimately the particular person in charge of your possess pleasure and your own human body
  2. you have a lot of time to hold out until you are entirely certain about it.
If you choose to place off having intercourse, it's Okay - no issue what any individual claims. Currently being a virgin is a single of the items that proves you are in cost, and it demonstrates that you are effective sufficient to make your personal choices about your brain and human body.

If you find your self experience perplexed about choices related to sex, you may be able to talk to an adult (like a father or mother, medical professional, older sibling, aunt, or uncle) for tips. Maintain in brain, even though, that everyone's view about intercourse is various. Even even though another man or woman may have helpful advice to share, in the stop, the decision is up to you.

By: D'Arcy Lyness, PhD


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