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Transgender People Gay?

Written By Adma on Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 9:12 PM

Being transgender is not the identical factor as becoming homosexual.

Being transgender is about gender identity the way you see your self and the gender you discover with. Becoming homosexual or lesbian is about sexual orientation the gender you are attracted to.

A lot of gay and lesbian individuals are relaxed with their gender. They do not want to be a distinct gender from what they are. They are just attracted to individuals of the exact same sexual intercourse they are.

Because sexual orientation is a various factor from gender id, a transgender teenager can be straight, gay, or bisexual just like other teenagers can.

Are Individuals Who Dress as the Reverse Sexual intercourse Transgender?
Individuals who gown in outfits that are usually linked with a different gender are often named cross-dressers (or transvestites). Not all individuals who dress as the opposite sex are transgender. Some are, of program. But tons of individuals who cross-costume are creating a clothes selection for entertaining, comfort, or as a way to categorical their personalized design not due to the fact they see themselves as the other gender.

What is in a Identify?
The word transgender does not only mean that a person identifies with the reverse gender. It also can be employed by individuals who never come to feel like they're possibly entirely male or totally feminine.

In addition to transgender, men and women use other words and phrases to describe sensation different from the gender they have been born with. These phrases can incorporate gender variant, MTF (for male to feminine), or FTM (for feminine to male). Some men and women don't want to be named by any of the terms that are usually utilised to describe folks who are questioning their gender. They just want to be recognized as who they are, unique in their personal unique way.

By: Linda A. Hawkins, EdD, and Nadia Dowshen, MD


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