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The 5 Oddest Ways Technology is Aiding Peculiar Industries

Written By Adma on Thursday, August 22, 2013 | 1:08 AM

one. DNA Screening and Infidelity

For partners all above the world that may be possessing partnership difficulties, the likelihood of infidelity by their important other is a probably serious issue. To battle this awful partnership breaker, all kinds of answers typically get proposed, ranging from counseling to non-public investigators who spy on travelling husbands or wives.

Nevertheless, at minimum one company, called Infidelity Tests, is providing a pretty odd way of locating out if your important other is cheating on you, by using the very precise science of DNA tests. Simply ship in your partner's soiled underwear to their laboratories, and hold out for them to do a cautious multi-point scan of the cloth for hard to remove traces of third social gathering genetic material that would have no effortless way of obtaining its way to such an intimate location.

2. Cyborg....…Rats and Rescue Solutions

We have all read of rescue dogs making use of their superman noses to detect survivors beneath the rubble of bomb or earthquake ruined structures and other locations. We're even receiving rather employed to naval rescue services education dolphins or sea lions in the wonderful artwork of detecting underwater weapons and lost divers with the assist of specialised gear mounted to their backs. Nonetheless, one even more radically stunning new craze that is currently being used by experts at DARPA and the University of Florida involves utilizing rats as detection animals for disaster situations.

Since the adaptable tiny rodents by natural means commit their time digging and burrowing by means of tight area, experimental trials have equipped them with little backpacks that transmit olfactory signals to human supervisors, telling them when the animal has uncovered a trapped survivor buried below rubble.

three. UltraSonic Waves that Repel Birds

A lot of people, from municipal officers to personal property owners and farmers, have all had severe problems with birds on their infrastructure sometimes even really serious problems. From covering public parks in white feces to destroying crops and stealing foods, big packs of birds like seagulls, crows and pigeons can turn out to be a severe bloody nuisance that can evidently be downright challenging to get rid of without having the temptation to every day use of flamethrowers.

Unless of course of course you get creative and believe outside the box about dealing with warms of these flying avian rats of the sky. This is where organizations like www.Hen-x.com appear into the photo. Their exciting technological innovation utilizes repeating substantial run blasts of sonic or even ultrasonic sound waves to completely scare birds off any community or private spot where the machinery that triggers these seem waves is mounted. The sonic repellers create human audible appears like predator chicken cries and other scary noises to clear an spot, although the ultrasonic version of the repellers is designed for spaces with human existence and as a result depends on seem that we cannot listen to but which badly annoys destructive avians.

4. Aluminum as Bullet Proof Armor

When most of us believe of Aluminum, we just associate it with flimsy bike frames, flimsy vehicle frames and maybe attractive metal attributes in properties. The keyword right here is flimsy, and the very last factor we would at any time associate with this soft, light metal is hardcore motor vehicle ballistic armor that's created to endure immediate hits from toys like a 50 caliber equipment gun.

But, imagine it or not, this is specifically what aluminum can be utilised for….. a bullet halting automobile window glass. If this seems crazy, the notion that a gentle completely opaque metal can abruptly double as a clear, ultra tough ballistic window replacement in armored autos, then you require to realize that aluminum, when blended with nitrogen and oxygen into a powder, can then be superheated and super compressed to develop a obvious, easy glass-like material that is a number of moments more powerful than even the best ballistic glass or plastic mix.

five. NASA Nano Tech Retains the Hairstyling Sector Sanitary

The experts at NASA have had to get extraordinarily inventive in making up substance associated technologies that hold their astronauts safe and hygienic in orbital area whilst not causing zero G relevant troubles. A single this sort of issue included retaining surfaces cleanse with out using liquid disinfectants, which would merely type into floating droplets and drift all in excess of the spot. As a result, the engineers at NASA produced a substance that was crammed extremely little microscopic silver particles which could be utilized to surfaces without having drifting absent silver, as a lot of health care specialists know, takes place to be antimicrobial by mother nature.

Ahead of extended, a hair treatment organization operator by the name of Farouk Shami had heard of this growth at a nanotechnology convention and shortly began implementing it to the hair styling business by coating styling resources with a self-disinfecting layer of silver nano particles.


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