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Step away from the soda, New York's soda ban

Written By Adma on Sunday, August 25, 2013 | 5:00 PM

The New York Metropolis board of overall health has authorized Mayor Michael Bloomberg's controversial program to restrict the sum of sugary soda drinks that can be acquired at meals stores to 16 ounces (473ml).

When Bloomberg 1st introduced his prepare in excess of a few months in the past, he sparked a nationwide debate about the extent of authorities manage above an individual's healthcare alternatives. In June, we questioned you to share your views with us about the notion - is the prepare a plausible solution to the obesity epidemic in the US? Or is the legislation just another case in point of Bloomberg's 'Nanny-stateism'?

Because then, the mayor has imposed age constraints on tanning beds and released "Latch On NYC", an initiative to instruct new moms the "breast is best" basic principle. But while Bloomberg continues to be accused of overextending his authority, weight problems prices in the US continue to rise and other cities, like London, are searching to NYC's well being procedures as long term types.

We revisited our people's panel participants and asked them regardless of whether or not they have altered their brain about the soda ban.

By Ruth Spencer


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