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Pregnancy: Boy or girl? The list of errors

Written By Adma on Friday, August 30, 2013 | 7:44 AM

Community business BabyCenter, aids households in family organizing, the collections ended up misconceptions Individuals about how to predict the sex of a child.

Misconception 1. The intercourse of the infant depends on what the parents take in.

For the birthday boy need to consume far more meat (preferably steak with blood), salty treats (chips, nuts, drying, and many others.), soda (ideally cola). For the beginning of a female is essential for mother and father to eat much more fish and vegetables, as a lot of sweets (ideally chocolate).

Misconception two. Intercourse of the kid is dependent on his parents possessing sex.

For the beginning of a boy to have intercourse at night, when the sky is a month, not a full moon, in the odd months. Girl "guaranteed" when love takes in the evening, a complete moon, in even-numbered days of the thirty day period.

Misconception three. The sexual intercourse of the child relies upon on how his dad and mom having sex.

Boys greater get in a great place. The larger the temperature in the area, the higher the chance that the mild will be a woman. Successful conception boy ensured if the spouse loves his spouse more than the wife of her spouse, if a gentleman desires a youngster, a lot more than a woman, if a lady sleeps on the left of her partner, if they make love standing, if their head is directed thanks north, if the man before reaching orgasm, and if following sexual intercourse spouses do not rest long. Item born women would be assured if a lady loves her spouse and needs far more young children. In addition, it is essential that the spouse initiated intercourse, creating love in the standard pose, and the woman need to reach orgasm ahead of companion. In a natural way, the wife ought to lie head to the south.

Misconception four. The sex of the youngster depends on the state of mind of the parents.

The far more mothers and fathers are worried at the time of conception and during the very first months of pregnancy - the more probably it is a boy. If they chill out - a lady is born. In addition to these essential conditions, some spiritual American during pregnancy go through particular prayers, which should help to form the desired intercourse of the kid.

False impression 5. Sexual intercourse of the child depends on a number of important indications.

Birth of a girl is guaranteed if the expectant mom under the pillow to place a pink ribbon, a piece of sweet or a flower. For the delivery of a boy below the pillow ought to be crucial amulets. The decision - can of beer or a gun (can be a toy.) If a man helps make enjoy to a T-shirt or a shirt - it really is a certain indicator that a boy. It is vital to conceive a woman, to the inside of the room was adorned in pink. The use of perfumes, fragrances or deodorants also raises the odds of obtaining a woman, an open window or ventilator - a boy.


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