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Foods Lovers Diet

Written By Unknown on Sunday, August 18, 2013 | 7:18 AM

"With each other the couple's connection has consolidated in the diet program"

In this way, sharing between couples is increasing. Relations firm focuses their initiatives and support each other is growing. Girls in this enterprise are extremely happy with their mates commencing to diet plan. They are not forced to try to eat are fed separately to the identical method. Enthusiasm is managed, might break the diet plan decreases.

Diet plan List

Females / weekdays in the morning: 1 slice of white cheese, one slice of bread, tomato, cucumber, pepper and sugar-free of charge tea.

Lunch: a hundred and fifty grams. meat, rooster or 200 grams. grilled fish, salad (1 spoon of olive oil and lemon).

Mid-early morning: one apple shell.

Dinner: salad of mixed afternoon in addition to what they try to eat.

Night time: two servings of fruit.
Guys, in contrast to females, two slices of bread in the mornings on weekdays, in addition to the lunch menu is 1 slice of bread, toast and sugar-cost-free fat-totally free cheese 1 solitary afternoon tea, night food eat one slice of bread alongside.

Women's / Saturday morning: 5 tablespoons of corn flakes, 1 cup milk.

Lunch: 1 slice of veggie pizza, and 1 cup buttermilk. one medium-sized vegetarian pizza be shared with companions.

Afternoon: 1 serving skinny-crust fruit dessert to share companion.

Meal: one serving grilled meat, rooster or fish and salad.

Evening: 2 servings of fruit.
Men's cereal spoon while consuming lunch on Saturday at six am to 2 slices of pizza you can consume vegetarian. At supper, the women, in addition to five tablespoons vegetable meal eat.

For ladies on Sunday early morning: 2 slices bread, 2 slices cheese, 1 boiled egg or scrambled eggs, tomato, cucumber, pepper, 1 teaspoon honey with one teaspoon cream or five olives, sugar-cost-free tea.

Lunch: tuna salad.

Afternoon: Oil-totally free toast, buttermilk.

Meal: 1 serving grilled meat, chicken or fish, salad and one glass of crimson wine. (one serving milk as an alternative of dessert wine to share with your companion.)

For men, on Sunday early morning: Unlike the girls have four slices of bread.

Night: In addition to the menu, consume 2 eyeglasses of crimson wine.

Really like foam

minimal calorie dessert recipe ...

Substances: 150 gr. Gentle yogurt, fifty percent a tablespoon of immediate coffee, one espresso spoon of cocoa, a fifty percent tablespoon of powdered sweetener.

Preparation: Ingredients are combined in mixer till it turns into foam. With a thoroughly clean cheesecloth in cold water and filtered water is saved in the fridge and then provide. 5 units can use to embellish portions of strawberries.


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