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Cause Breast Cancer?

Written By Adma on Saturday, August 31, 2013 | 10:02 PM

Free From Damage compiled a selection of data from specialists about the connection among dairy and breast cancer. Some highlights:
  • "Casein, which can make up 87% of cow's milk protein, promoted all levels of the cancer process," claims Dr. T. Colin Campbell, creator of the properly-regarded, seminal China Study, summing up his related conclusions.
  • "[S]everal epidemiological reports have indicated a relationship amongst dairy consumption and breast cancer risk in pre-menopausal girls (Outwater, 1997)." -Breast Cancer Fund
  • "It appears that when individuals do not have the appropriate enzymes to metabolize several of the hormones naturally identified in any variety of cow's milk, a glass of milk can flood the human body with surplus estrogen. This raises the chance of building or accelerating the progress of existing breast cancer." -Susan Wadia-Ells, Founding Director of Knowbreastcancer.web
  • Professor Jane Plant advocates altering from dairy to soy goods to avert breast most cancers, noting that "even in Hiroshima, the odds of contracting breast cancer are half that of western nations. Only when Chinese and Japanese ladies transfer to Europe or the United States does their likelihood of contracting breast cancer substantially improve," as Free of charge From Damage summarized.
  • "While scientists are hard at operate seeking for distinct breast cancer-combating compounds, the safest technique is to implement what we presently know: Diet plans that are optimum in a assortment of plant meals and continue to be absent from heavy oils, meat, and dairy products, assist avert a wonderful numerous conditions." -Dr. Neal M. Bernard
  • 'Some dairy merchandise, this kind of as entire milk and many sorts of cheese, have a fairly high saturated unwanted fat content, which might improve risk. In addition, milk items could contain contaminants this kind of as pesticides, which have carcinogenic possible, and growth aspects these kinds of as insulin-like development aspect I, which have been shown to encourage breast most cancers cell development.' -The American Journal of Medical Nutrition.
Some nutritionists confirm the doctors' conclusions. A single of them, Phil Richards, writes that 'the link among casein and most cancers was so profound [in experiments on rats] that the researchers could actually switch most cancers expansion on and off in the laboratory animals, like a light switch, just by altering the amount of casein protein in their diet programs." Particularly, "[c]onsuming dairy goods is connected to an increased danger for breast most cancers as dairy merchandise are higher in unwanted fat, animal protein, and hormones, every single of which increases most cancers risk. Since the 1980′s, examine after review has joined dairy usage to a large incidence of breast and other cancers.'

Part of the issue with dairy is the things that appear out of cows due to the fact of the way manufacturing facility farmers take care of them, as The American Journal of Clinical Diet quotation earlier mentioned suggests. Dairy producers inject cows with a progress hormone to improve their milk creation by a factor of 10. That milk then is made up of pus, germs, and blood due to the fact of the infections cows are prone to from their living conditions and from producing far much more milk than they are meant to. Naturally these are not healthful items for us to consume.

Susan G. Komen for the Treatment seems a a lot more conservative notice than the scientists cited previously mentioned: 'data from the Nurses' Well being Research II found females who ate a great deal of high-body fat dairy products (like whole milk or butter) had been at increased chance of premenopausal breast cancer," it admits, but even so asserts that "[m]ost research have identified no website link between consuming dairy merchandise and breast cancer in premenopausal girls." The web site also claims that scientific studies "have discovered no website link among dairy solution consumption and postmenopausal breast most cancers risk.'

By Piper Hoffman @care2.com


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