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2012 SLP GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Crew Cab SLT

Written By Adma on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | 5:29 PM

Right after 4 times in this truck I began to truly feel some thing of an appreciation for how Genghis Khan must have felt as he charged into unsuspecting villages.

The 450 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque have been intoxicating in this pickup, and the whine of the supercharger was a fast way to provide a smile to my encounter.

Even though docile underneath normal driving problems, when dipping into the WEP War Emergency Electricity of the supercharger, the truck grew to become even far more enjoyable.

Although the truck is no slouch, offered its bodyweight, the further top from the off-street suspension and its oversize wheels, it feels considerably quicker than a normal Sierra, but not as insanely fast as one would hope with the added power of pressured induction.

The TVS 1900 supercharger package for the five.3-liter gives you instantaneous energy when you tromp on the loud pedal. And loud it is, due to the fact with the addition of SLP exhaust ideas, the truck has a burble and growl that helps make a excellent addition to some thing with a high experience peak and badges that say "supercharged" on the door.

Looking below the hood you can explain to that this is no stock truck, in spite of becoming ready to purchase the package and products from the seller without having impacting the warranty.

But, the underhood complete of the kit leaves some thing to be preferred. It looks each at residence and not fairly proper. The kit would seem far better with a little less chrome and a lot more flat accents the shiny SLP air tube under the hood looks out of place.

The interior was the largest letdown. A lot to my surprise, the Katzkin interior therapy not only combined two shades you shouldn't blend black and brown but it manufactured it seem that the truck had significantly far more miles on it than it actually did.

Judging from the play in the fabric and complete, I would have believed thirty,000 miles experienced been ridden in the seats. Much to my horror, there had been just far more than five hundred miles on the odometer when I grabbed the keys. I would have desired the money be retained below the hood and the interior upholstery remaining stock.

The crew cab supplied ample inside space for both front and rear passengers and for hauling groceries.

As I was in the approach of moving, I crammed the mattress with my massive items and hauled them to my new spot.

The included height from the off-street suspension selection worked properly for environment and picking items up when loading and unloading.

All round the truck is a great deal of fun and beneficial if large vehicles with massive power tickle your fancy. The greatest problem I had in excess of my time with it was trying to keep my foot out of the accelerator. While I was no admirer of the inside appointments, I'll forget it for the audio of the supercharger and the juvenile smile I often experienced.

By: David Arnouts


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